Commission a project

If you’re looking for that perfect table to suit a room in your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Commissioning a project is the best way to get a bespoke piece of furniture built the way you want it. I’ve highlighted some of the aspects of a bespoke project which you’ll need to consider.

Use – Dining Table, Coffee Table, Side Table, Office Desk, Conference Table.

Shape – Square, Circle, Rectangle, Bespoke.

Corners – Rounded, Square.

Edges – Rounded, Square, Tapered.

Size – Measurements, Number of people.

Wood Type – Walnut (Recommended), Oak, Beech, Maple & more.

Epoxy Colour – Solid, Transparent, Pearlescent, Neon.

Legs – Style, Material, Colour.

Finish – Stain, Oil, Wax.